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ViVO: Reveals Super HDR Powered by AI

Vivo Super HDR Mode

ViVO, Shenzhen, China, Mar. 13, 2018— announced its cutting-edge, AI-powered Super HDR at a media event in China. Following the previous breakthrough success in backlit photography. Vivo is taking mobile photography to new heights with Super HDR’s auto scene detection to produce clearer photos, better colors, more details and better tones by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to finalize image.

Super HDR follows the same principles as regular HDR but merges more frames to resolve the problems presented by contrasting strong dark and light tones in a photo. Super HDR captures more frames and intelligently merges them to cater to more extreme lighting scenarios.

Super HDR Features

  • Great Frames Great Flexibility: Super HDR’s dynamic range can reach up to 14 EV (Exposure Value).
  • Optimized Details Under Extreme Light: To reduce the unnaturally processed look of regular HDR, Super HDR adapts to different scenes and their dynamic range characteristics, selecting and merging frames to best render the image’s highlights and shadow details.
  • Get Easy Yet Perfect People Shots: Regular HDR might sacrifice lighting for the person in focus for a better lit photo, but Super HDR ensures the person is clear and well-lit. Super HDR employs smart scene detection to balance the lighting of the person and the background to create a natural feel.
  • Advanced AI Improves Photos at All Stages: The Super HDR leverages complex AI algorithms to adapt to different scenarios. The moment the shutter is pressed, the AI will detect the scene to determine the ideal exposure strategy and accordingly select the frames for merging.

Advantages of Super HDR

  1. Highly adaptable
  2. Accurate and smart exposure selection
  3. Intelligent identification
  4. Natural looking results
  5. Perfectly lit portraits

Gallery Taken with Super HDR

We haven’t yet gotten any confirmation Super HDR will available for what device.

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